Alessio Bianchi


Alessio Bianchi was born on 4th of September, 1994, in Burgas, Bulgaria. As a kid alongside his family Bianchi moved to his father’s hometown – Ancona, Italy. He was also a DJ, playing by the name Adrio Bianchi. Inspired by him, Alessio decided to follow his footsteps and try a career as a House DJ.At first the young DJ mixed in private parties with his friends. At the age of 14 Alessio joined a DJ crew. With his mixes he entertained guests in discos like Green Leaves, Sui Club, Pascia.At the age of 18 he came back to Bulgaria. After a short period not working as a DJ, Bianchi realized that his passion is the music and started again but this time in the Tech-House genre.He is a resident DJ of Music Row. Bianchi was behind the decks together with big names in the genre like Miguel Bastida, Alvaro AM, Marco C etc. Beach bar Musai (Sunny Beach), Culture Beat Club (Sofia), Mirafiori Club (Sofia), Butterfly (Sinemorets) are only a few of the places he has played at.Alessio also produces music for the big labelDatagroove ,KlapHouse, Snake Beat Records, Sweet Milk Records, Monkey Stereo Records and many more…

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