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Catalogue Number: SOLEID085

General Release Date: 2018-06-25

Label: Soleid

Release Title: Sagit / Mantra / Vertigo

Release Artists: Black Odyssey

Release Genre: Electronic

Release Subgenre: Techno

Release © Line: 2018 Sokubu Music Group

Release ℗ Line: 2018 Sokubu Music Group


Name Support Best Track Comments Rating
Luca Fabiani Yes Sagit (Original Mix) Thanks for the music. 6
Vince Aoun (Vince Aoun) Yes Sagit (Original Mix) Thanks 6
Behache Yes Mantra (Original Mix) Good EP, nice melodies.. Downloaded for Behache 7
Hollowgram Yes Sagit (Original Mix) Thanks 10
Benji Candelerio Yes Sagit (Original Mix) funky tune 6
Simon Iddol Yes Sagit (Original Mix) cool 6
Sammy W & Alex E Yes Sagit (Original Mix) will play for sure, thanks! 8
Simone De Biasio Yes Sagit (Original Mix) Great tracks, thank you! Downloading! SDB 10
Anthony Dudley Yes Mantra (Original Mix) Amazing sounds, top productions great work 10
Emilijano (UrbanVibe, Italo Business) Yes Mantra (Original Mix) nice release 8
Orate Music (Orate) Yes Mantra (Original Mix) Great ep! Try it thanks 9
Carlos Bertolini Yes Sagit (Original Mix) Nice! 8
Blagov Yes Mantra (Original Mix) Will try, thanks! 9
John Evexc (Sonne, Strand und Meer) Yes Mantra (Original Mix) Great EP downloaded 7
Mix Feed Agency Yes Mantra (Original Mix) Solid melodic sounds!! thank you 8
Horatio Yes Vertigo (Original Mix) nice tracks 10
Suzy Solar Yes Vertigo (Original Mix) awesome EP, I plan to support:) 8
Nick Fiorucci No Mantra (Original Mix) Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ / Hi-Bias /
Global Dance Session Yes Vertigo (Original Mix) Downloading for Global Dance Session, thank you! 8