Blin Eff

Sacha Federighi, a guy who’s much better known as Blìn Eff, is the brains behind some of the most creatively music today in Florence nightlife. He begins to approach the world of music at the early age of 21 and today has a full control of his console, style and music. Today he is the Resident Deejay SILENCIO CLUB GENEVE and his unique ‘Made in Italy’ stile has already infected the Geneva scenery. We are so delighted to support this talented artist. Blìn Eff starts kicking dust and begins to dominate the happy hour music scenario, from his home town ‘dolce vita’ throughout the Tyrrhenian coast night events and soon this led him to the opportunity of playing his music with the ‘big boys’ at BOLGIA (BR) with ART DEPARTMENT, LINK with Lean Faky (BO), MAD Club – Lausanne (GINEVRA) SCS Night, SILENCIO (GINEVRA). In two years he managed to get what others can not in a life time. We are so ready to welcome Sacha Federighi, a.k.a Blìn Eff, to the new music stage.

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