Costa Mp

Greek dj/producer, full name Konstantinos Kakampouras, aka.Costa Mp was born in Thessaloniki in 1993. At the age of 18, he started experimenting on House music and especially focusing on Deep and Techno House music.His love and passion for this kind of music make him start making productions with Ableton live. He produces and plays the kind of music expresses him which ranges from dark techno to vocal-deep and melodic techno house.He released under his own name his first EP to Mycore records “Mind Games” in May 2014 with remixes from Minitronik and Darko Milosevic. New releases followed to Catblack Records , Happy Day Records , Soleid , Aila Records and other labels.. He is also a member of the artists family of Aila Records with whom he is cooperated the last two years. At this time he is working for his next releases and trying to improve his abilities on the sound of music that he loves to do..

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