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Marco Tegui

Marco Tegui

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Hypnotic sounds, melodic journeys around the world and dark but bouncy harmonies are the connecting elements in the musical proposal of Peruvian musician Marco Tegui.

In 2009 his electronical music career started, creating a big impact in the South American scene. Later on in 2014, Marco’s sounds arrived to Europe and he established his residency in Berlin.

Playing in the best clubs of the city and releasing tracks in the most emblematic labels, Marco had become a part of the international underground Techno scene.

Now with more than 10 years of experience, he is a&r in one of the most iconic labels of the city.


KaterBlau. Berlin | Ritter Butzke. Berlin | IPSE. Berlin | Chalet. Berlin | Rummelsbucht. Berlin | Crack Bellmer. Berlin | Mensch Meier. Berlin | Suicide Circus. Berlin | Klunkerkranich. Berlin | Wilde Renate. Berlin | Lucy’s Sky. Düsseldorf | Nachtigall. Cologne | Love Foundation. Amsterdam | Kasheme. Zurich | Nuba. Paris | Taboo. Madrid | Benimussa Park. Ibiza | Ministry of Sound. London | Club 01. Playa del Carmen | Gitano. Tulum | Bizarro. Lima | Dragon. Lima | …


369. Dantze | Summer Chants. Bar25 Music | Espejo. Stil vor Talent | Garua. LNDKHN | Luna llena. Bar25 Music | Through the night. Baikal Nomads | The Vulture. Bar25 Music | Barrio. Hug Records | Breitseite. Pipe & Pochet | Hear my words. Poesie Musik | Manan Kanchu. Kindisch | Gravity. Bar25 Music | Sail Away. Stil vor Talent | This is how Remix. KaterMukke | …


Sprinkler. a&r | 2010 – 2014

Bar25 Music. a&r | since 2019

Sirin Music. Manager | since 2019