JIMMYZKINZ is a Canadian music producer who started creating music in the Ambient Genre in 2013. Known to spend hours in his studio losing himself in the world of sound; a drummer turned studio enthusiast found his passion in the possibilities of sound design through synthesis. “I love creating gritty, edgy sounds in droning meditative atmospheres, I’m always thinking of how I can make my ideas come to life through auditory sensation”.

Great atmospheric, deep beats and dense textures are characteristics typical of JIMMYZKINZ trademark sound. A talented and charismatic producer whose work echoes the music of artists as diverse as Radiohead, Deadmau5, Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins. “The Dogs of Blackwater Lagoon” as well as “Fermi Paradox” illustrate JIMMYZKINZ’s production versatility and innovative approach; blending retro synths with driven rhythm sections and lush ambient pads that saturate the sound beautifully in all the right wavelengths.

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Release Info

Catalogue Number: TRANSFORM023

General Release Date: 2017-04-24

Label: Transform Recordings

Release Title: 011 / Night King

Release Artists: JIMMYZKINZ

Release Genre: Electronic

Release Subgenre: Techno

Release © Line: 2017 Sokubu Music Group

Release ℗ Line: 2017 Sokubu Music Group



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