We present this fantastic alternative rock release. It is a disc with a lot of dynamism and emotional strength. With Indie and Pop style features, it is characterized by having songs with a good festive style groove. The production, recording, mixing and mastering of this album is made by Carlos Hernández Nombela (Viva Suecia, Bizarro Love Triangle …). The lyrics are written by Juan José Molina.

The Red Line is formed by five crazy young musicians from Murcia. Its components are José Ros (Voz), Juan José Molina Bernabé (Drums, Percussion and Lyrics), Luis G. Fernández de la Torre (Bass), Pedro David Quedada (Guitar) and Jesús Peñarrubia Franco (Piano, Synthesizer, Choirs, Percussion and music).
Jesús the pianist and composer collaborated with Neuman for 1 year and recorded the EP I love You with Paco Loco. He has been nominated and awarded several times at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and The Akademia Music in Los Angeles and combines his teaching at the Conservatory with collaborations and compositions for classical orchestra, piano and pop and rock music. The group has performed several times in Sonorama Ribera, SOS, and have been opening act for L.A., Carmen Boza, Varry Brava, Rufus T. Firefly and recorded their first album with José Caballero in Neo Music Box.