Mehmet Özbek comes to Kubu Music family with this big EP, 2 original minimal-deeptech tracks with a nice groove and super bass line that will make you fly.
2019 Kubu Music
Sokubu Music Group

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Release Info

Catalogue Number: KUBU101

General Release Date: 2019-01-07

Label: Kubu Music

Release Title: Peyote / Ayahuasca

Release Artists: Mehmet Özbek

Release Genre: Electronic

Release Subgenre: Minimal / Deep-Tech

Release © Line: 2019 Sokubu Music Group

Release ℗ Line: 2019 Sokubu Music Group

Name Comments Rating
Johan Nice vibe 8
Shawn Jackson Great release! thanks for the music 8
Global Dance Session Downloading for Global Dance Session, thank you R.Holme! 7
Mariano Santos (Mariano Santos) Excellent work! my support 10
Anthony Dudley wicked tracks 10
Nestor Arriaga Solid bassline! 8
Sammy W & Alex E great release, will give it a go 9
Chriss White Downloaded for Chriss White – Tks 8
Brandon Andrews Ayahuasca for me – thanks 6
Draganeskool Yeeey! 10
Suzy Solar Awesome EP! 8
Victor Valora Bomb EP – Downloading 9
Mix Feed Agency Nice minimalistic stuff!! thank you 8
Deep In Radio Nice 7
Different grooves Peyote (Original) 7
Orate Music (Orate) Support to Mehmet! Thanks 8
Simon Iddol cool 6
Richie Hawtin downloaded for r hawtin 5