Paul Josef - Astrionics

Not only there are great buildings in Dubai, there are also artists and producers of very high quality as is the case of Paul Josef.
This time we present this first release with Soleid loaded with authentic electronic music with terrifying atmospheres and hypnotizing deep backgrounds.
For some people, music is the only proof they need for the existence of God. They are the ones who actually change the World of music. In this era, where we have millions of sanctified musicians, the only way to stand out is to be unique and believe in your own style. Paul Josef has caught the attention of all music lovers through his unique style of mixing Deep-Tech house, and TECHNO.
He’s always had a voracious appetite for music from a very young age and it showed in his endeavors. A percussionist from the age of 7, he has already acquired professional training in more than five instruments of eastern and western variety. Living the life of a jazz drummer for more than 10 years, he grew up controlling