DYI Mob, is a young born in Medellín Colombia, at 13 years of age began to produce minimal music, where he reached the peak of his career as a producer was in different tops of the largest digital page internationally in different charts and djs sets of some famous artists and at that time, something very different from what Beatport does today, their music is supported by great artists from around the world

As a talented Producer / DJ, the dark and innovative sounds are known for their bass line and their extensive flights in their tracks Minimal / Deep Tech, reached in number 20 in the top 100 Minimal / Deep Tech Beatport with several original tracks, DYI Mob has undeniably become one of the most outstanding DJ / PRODUCERS on the world stage. A promising figure behind the scenes, is the complete package. Through effort, he jumps and enters a league of his own creating and playing intelligent music that he loves, so that people dance leading each member of the pack on a journey through sound and intellect. he has already found the time to build his own empire, Worst Behavior.

DYI Mob, will use this as a springboard for local talents in multiple facets of music.

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