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Electronic music in its purest essence could be perfectly the headline of this spectacular release of the Romanian artist Yvat.

Nine songs that will delight any ipod transporting its listeners to deep atmospheres full of imagination and rhythms marked with notorious transitions and melodies of other galaxies.

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Release Info

Catalogue Number: SOLEID101

General Release Date: 2019-02-11

Label: Soleid

Release Title: Milk White Blod

Release Artists: Yvat

Release Genre: Electronic

Release © Line: 2019 Sokubu Music Group

Release ℗ Line: 2019 Sokubu Music Group

Name Label Support Best Track Comments Rating
Vince Aoun (Vince Aoun) Soleid Yes Clouded Leopard (Original Mix) Thanks 6
Alinep Soleid No Feathers (Original Mix) not for me 8
Michail Manchinskij Soleid No Loose Ties (Original Mix) Nice album, not actually what i would play, but some nice beats to listen 9
Richie Hawtin Soleid No Clouded Leopard (Original Mix) downloaded for r hawtin 5
Anthony Dudley Soleid Yes White Blood (Original Mix) Excellent music 10
Behache Soleid No Famished Road (Original Mix) Nice for listening! 5
Orate Music (Orate) Soleid No White Blood (Original Mix) Not for me thanks 7
Brandon Andrews Soleid No Clouded Leopard (Original Mix) Really like this sound – will go on the iPod for sure! 8
Different grooves Soleid Yes White Blood (Original Mix) listening for grazie! 7
Chriss White Soleid No Red Milk (Original Mix) Downloaded for Chriss White – Tks 8
Mix Feed Agency Soleid Yes Clouded Leopard (Original Mix) Cool sounds!! thank you 8
Draganeskool Soleid Yes Feathers (Original Mix) Nice vibe, thanks! 7
Sammy W & Alex E Soleid Yes Clouded Leopard (Original Mix) great release, will give it a go 8
Hollowgram Soleid Yes Clouded Leopard (Original Mix) Thanks 10
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Over 30 individual materials released, thousands of hours of studio practice and an unique, yet strong personal touch in creating sound—meaning persistence, originality and unleashed creativity: these are the three traits that make a compelling musician.
Artist of electronic music and sound designer with more than 15 years of studio practice, yvat is known in the field of experimental electronica for his collaboration with labels as Detroit Underground, Boltfish, U-Cover or Cactus Island.
As a sound designer, Yvat works for the German well-known sound bank Ueberschall Sample Service, being one of Ueberschall’s producers with constant individual releases there in the past years.
Although his style evolved, always changing directions from one album to another, from early IDM to mass-appealing trap, from experimental orchestra to most danceable base, he constantly pursues highest quality of the fine crafted analogue sound and an original touch, easy to recognize in each and every single track he produces. Love for analog sound resulted in his numerous live performances all around the world.
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He started to produce house music only three years ago and his firs release was in 2014. In the meanwhile he’s been performing worldwide to the greatest techno labels receiving a good feedback from the biggest artists of the electronic music like Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Stefano Noferini, Neverdogs, Mladen Tomic, Simina Grigoriu, Dj Boris and many others and he was playing along with names like JORIS VOORN, SAM PAGANINI, CARLO LIO, SINISA TAMAMOVIC, MATTHIAS TANZMANN, LUIGI MADONNA, CUARTERO, WHYT NOYZ, MLADEN TOMIC, JORAN VAN POL, BART SKILS, ROB HES, PARIDE SARACENI…
After playing with different kinds of music, Cosmin Horatiu paid special attention to the energetic house music mixed with fresh, elegant and stylish grooves. Nowadays his great sessions of Tech House and Techno music with cheeky and effective electro sounds are the reason of the fusion and evolution of this music styles.

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Andrei Cristian Ganea a.k.a. Andrei C is a young dj producer with a refined and particular style, his productions are characterized by deep and elegant sounds. Andrei C focuses on deep house, tech and techno. His great passion for hip hop influenced very much his tracks, in fact he took many elements from old school hip hop and insert them in tech house. He works hard everyday at studio and his devotion to music is extraordinary. His career is growing up and he is collaborating with many different lables around the world. Andrei C dropped many eps in the last months and he is working with artists from different countries. He is doing also many remixes to other artist of the underground scene. His music appears on: Cubek, Click Muziq, Nocode records (italy) Galapago recordings (colombia) Kubic records, Weirdo records, Klinik Lounge, HardCutz records, Undertechnical, Animal Code among others.

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