Shawn Jackson

As a talented Producer/DJ, Shawn’s innovative sound hasmade him undeniably one of the countries latest resurrectedprospects to the EDM movement. A promising figure behindthe scenes, Shawn is the complete package. Effortlesslyleaving his contemporaries behind, he leaps and boundsinto a league of his own by creating and playing intelligentmusic that he loves, for people to dance to by taking everycrowd member on a journey through sound and intellect.Now at a tender age of 40 and with more production work inprogress (full length album due out in 2013), he has alsofound the time to build his own empire, Balance Culture.Shawn will use this as a springboard for homegrown talentin multiple facets of music, sport and art, as well asreleasing his own productions. A recent transplant to SanDiego via the “Windy city” Chicago, Shawn is determined toexpress just how much he has grown musically over theyears, not only as a producer but a performer as well.

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