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New artist come to Kubu Music, Audio Cycles.
Two tracks with a strong kick, melody with a lot of feeling, this songs will will make your body move without stopping.
2021 Sokubu Music Group

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This tremendous single by the artist Moritz Hofbauer contains two explosive songs full of sound force.

Arpeggiated synth melodies that hug and lift you along with punchy bass.

All very structured and with a sequencing that makes you enjoy all its groove.
A great job from this great German producer.

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2020 Sokubu Music Group

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This is the first release by the great artist Mila Journée for Soleid.
This time the single is made up of two songs with great force.

The first song ‘Take My Hands’ transports you with exquisite vocal melodies. The second song ‘The Farewell’ as its name suggests, makes you leave the earth.

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