Sokubu Music Group Present
‘Sokubu Compilation Soleid 2018’
A very nice selection of the most popular songs along the year. We hope you like it!
2018 Soleid.
Sokubu Music Group.

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Release Info

Catalogue Number: SOLEID098

General Release Date: 2018-12-31

Label: Soleid

Release Title: Sokubu Compilation Soleid 2018

Release Artists: Various Artists

Release Genre: Electronic

Release Subgenre: Techno

Release © Line: 2018 Sokubu Music Group

Release ℗ Line: 2018 Sokubu Music Group


Name Support Best Track Comments Rating
Deep South Audio Yes Fire in My Hand (Original Mix) Heat all the way thanks 8
Hollowgram Yes Paris (Original Mix) Thanks 10
Global Dance Session Yes Toxic (Original Mix) Downloading for Global Dance Session, thank you! 8
Mariano Santos (Mariano Santos) Yes Sazerac (Original Mix) great VA! my support 10
Anthony Dudley Yes Gold Rush (Original Mix) Awesome tracks 10
Suzy Solar Yes Gold Rush (Original Mix) awesome compilation! 8
Sammy W & Alex E Yes Sagit (Original Mix) will play for sure! 8
Draganeskool Yes Wondering (Original Mix) Nice vibes, thanks! 8
Different grooves Yes Sagit (Original Mix) many good tracks there, grazie! 8
Orate Music (Orate) Yes Driver Test (Original Mix) Full support for all artists! 9
Simon Iddol Yes Sagit (Original Mix) strong 7
Richie Hawtin No Sagit (Original Mix) downloaded for r hawtin 5
Ray Sam Yes Sagit (Original Mix) Great Track support! Best of luck in 2019! 8
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